Team Name: Brompton Ralph (U11 West A)

Team Manager:
Name: Tom Acock
Phone: 01984 624713

Alternative Contact:
Name: Hattie Winter
Phone: 07967655117 or 01823401379

Ground Address (Click on postcode for Google Maps):
Brompton Ralph Cricket Club, Pitsford Hill, Nr Wiveliscombe, Somerset, TA4 2RP

Brompton Ralph Completed Results
Sun 21 Jul 2019
U11 West A
Brompton Ralph (3) 300 beat Wiveliscombe (0) 210
Home team writes “Lovely last match of the season, thanks Wivey.”
Sun 14 Jul 2019
U11 West A
Fitzhead Foxes (0) 191 lost to Brompton Ralph (3) 311
Home team writes “Good game very friendly and sporting team thanks Brompton”
Away team writes “Thankyou Fitzhead for a lovely mornings cricket- well played everyone....”
Sun 7 Jul 2019
U11 West A
Brompton Ralph (0) 264 lost to Taunton Deane Typhoons (3) 288
Home team writes “Nice friendly game of cricket”
Away team writes “Thanks to BR for a good game of cricket.”
Sun 30 Jun 2019
U11 West A
Wellington Reds (3) 321 beat Brompton Ralph (0) 211
Away team writes “Lovely game of cricket against a strong wellington side. Well done boys and girls!”
Sun 23 Jun 2019
U11 West A
Brompton Ralph (0) 234 lost to Staplegrove (3) 273
Home team writes “Lovely friendly game played in the true spirit of cricket. Thankyou and well played Staplegrove...”
Away team writes “Great game with brilliant opposition who helped us out and had good team spirit amongst both teams which was lovely to see. Always a pleasure to travel to see Tommy and his teams at Brompton Ralph and grateful thanks for being great hosts! Looking forward to playing them again soon.”
Sun 16 Jun 2019
U11 West A
Taunton St Andrews A (3) 328 beat Brompton Ralph (0) 182
Home team writes “Fun game against a friendly well drilled team.”
Away team writes “Good game, both teams played well, Brompton did well against a strong St Andrews side. Well done all”
Sun 9 Jun 2019
U11 West A
Brompton Ralph (3) 278 beat Taunton Rubies (0) 197
Home team writes “Lovely match played in a true sporting fashion, thanks Taunton Rubies...”
Sun 2 Jun 2019
U11 West A
Ilminster Bears (1) v Brompton Ralph (1) Abandoned
Sun 26 May 2019
U11 West A
Brompton Ralph (3) 290 beat Minehead (0) 225
Home team writes “What a lovely game, well done to all involved...”
Away team writes “A very good performance by Brompton Ralph, and a game played in good spirit . Thanks for your hospitality”
Sun 19 May 2019
U11 West A
Wiveliscombe (0) 260 lost to Brompton Ralph (3) 268
Away team writes “what a game, well played everyone... a lovely mornings cricket”
Sun 5 May 2019
U11 West A
Brompton Ralph (3) 277 beat Fitzhead Foxes (0) 216
Home team writes “Lovely first game of the season, well played all”
Away team writes “Good game played in a friendly and sporting manner”

* represents three conceded matches. See handbook for conditions.
RNRO represents Result Not Recorded Online: Team did not record a result on the website.
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